April Box Theme: Sunday Picnic

April 1 2023

A Sunday picnic is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend a sunny day with your loved ones. And what better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than with an April-themed subscription box that includes the basics for what you need for the perfect picnic?

First things first, you'll need a comfortable blanket to sit on. You'll find a cute and stylish one in medium-sized boxes. Micro box buyers can look for something lightweight and easy to transport, like a waterproof tablecloth. You don't want to be lugging a heavy quilt around all day.

Next up, you'll need some delicious snacks to munch on. Opt for easy-to-eat finger foods like sandwiches, fruit, cheese, and crackers. Don't forget to pack sweet treats like cookies or brownies and refreshing drinks like lemonade or iced tea. The drink bags and mini funnels in both box sizes can add any "happy juice" you desire to your outdoor picnic. I always like sneaking in wine for a romantic vibe, even if it's a solo outdoor trip.

To set the mood, bring along some music and games. A portable speaker and a deck of cards or a frisbee go a long way and will make your picnic feel more festive and fun. Use the playlist from the QR code you get in your box to set the sunny vibes. I also love a low-key game of Old Maid because anyone at any age can play. Set the stakes a bit high, and bet that the loser has to clean up before you head home!

And, of course, you can't forget the most crucial part of any picnic: the location. Look for a picturesque spot like a park, beach, or backyard. Do your research beforehand and check if you need any permits or reservations.
Finally, don't forget to bring the hat you get in your box, sunscreen, and bug spray to protect yourself from the elements. With all these basics and our picnic-themed box, you can't lose and will have a wonderful and memorable picnic.

So if you're looking for the perfect way to enjoy the spring weather, grab your April-themed Oddball Club subscription box and head out for a relaxing and enjoyable picnic with your loved ones. Boxes ship arounnd April 17th, 2023. 

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