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  • Get into the spooky spirit with our Ghost Greeting Card subscription box. Enjoy the scent of our mini candle and the softness of our sheer daisy flower socks while pampering your hands with our luxurious hand lotion. All of this set against a beautiful floral background. Order now to experience the perfect blend of eerie and elegant.
  • Shop our cowboy-themed subscription box and get your hands on a range of Western-inspired items, including a cute dashboard duckie, Yeehaw greeting card, cowgirl hat earrings, lucky horseshoe necklace, and a cat with bandana and cowboy hat enamel pin. Get your country chic fix with our Western box!
  • Love Subscription Box: heart-patterned socks with loving words, Smarties conversation heart candies box, pink fortune cookie, peach voodoo greeting card with a voodoo doll with pins, enamel pin, red French beret, heart pen, and a French beret delivered to your door
  • Indulge in our chocolate-themed subscription box! Includes a holiday greeting card, delicious snacks, chocolate spoons, and novelty earrings and pen.
  • Get Spooky with Our Scary Movie-Themed Subscription Box: Shark Socks, Horror Papers, and More!
  • Music note necklace and colorful paper coasters featuring graphic music designs - perfect for music lovers and party hosts
  • Get ready for movie night with these 3D glasses socks, blockbuster video magnet, TV with VHS acrylic pin, and popcorn-themed accessories.
  • Get into the spooky spirit with our Halloween subscription box! Featuring horror stickers, a VHS scary movie enamel pin, scream earrings, an overlook hotel red keychain, and a movie scratch print with a pumpkin. Don't miss out on the frightful fun!
  • Unbox a spooky surprise with our ghost-themed subscription box. This set includes a ghost greeting card, sugar lip scrub, a future ghost pin, and a floral skeleton necklace. Also included are a mini candle, tube of hand lotion, a ring, and sheer daisy flower socks. All nestled in purple tissue paper with a floral background, this Halloween box is the perfect treat for any ghost lover.
  • Pin collection banner with squares for favorite and new pins, DIY craft materials including an ABC pin kit and blank watercolor art with paint brush, orange postcard, 'You Are Awesome Sauce' greeting card with crayons, and candy pop on a blue background - perfect for pin enthusiasts and DIY crafters.
  • A birthday-themed greeting card with a coffee cup and two donuts stacked and sprinkles on top, surrounded by colorful sprinkles, along with an octopus sticker featuring donuts in the corner. Also included in the image is a pack of Kopiko candy. The image is set against a bright yellow background.
  • Body positive subscription box with 'Reasons Your Body Rocks!' book, strawberry FRUTY alchemy labs soap bar, 'Keep Going' flower art greeting card, journal prompts card, and 'My Wellness Journal' spiral white notebook with heart art. Perfect for self-love and self-care routines. Boost your confidence and wellbeing with this subscription box.
  • A must-have for movie fans! This directors clapboard keychain is the perfect accessory for film enthusiasts. From our movie-themed subscription box, this keychain is a great addition to your collection. Featuring a black and white design with a clapper and movie details, this keychain is perfect for any movie buff. Get yours today and take the first step to becoming a true movie aficionado!
  • Unbox the fun with the Oddball Club subscription box! Discover blast-from-the-past goodies like a Walkman, Scrunchie, Furby, and fortune reader images, accompanied by a nostalgic Ring Pop. The purple tissue paper adds a pop of color to the pink background, while the Oddball Club sticker highlights the unique and quirky nature of the box.
  • Image of a donut patch and flavored jelly beans, pocket latte chocolate, donut and coffee greeting card, I donut care key chain, Kopiko candy, and a makeup sponge on a blue background. This subscription box is perfect for donut and coffee lovers. Get your sweet fix with our tasty treats and cute accessories. Order now and enjoy your monthly surprise from our team at The Oddball Club.
  • The Oddball Club's Music-themed box with earrings, 'when words fail, music speaks' art print, concert ticket greeting card, and stereo pin.Get your music fix and express your love for music with our unique collection of items.
  • Video review by Maui Noel of The Oddball Club subscription box featuring various items.
  • Hippie vibe subscription box with white socks featuring red mushrooms and green grass, free spirit square sticker, purple peace sign pin, and white scrunchie. Perfect for bohemian and free-spirited individuals
  • Gold star bracelet, mushroom light, 1 page at a time a daily creative companion blue book by Adam J Kurtz, nail art with rainbows, twinkle bear stickers, strawberry purse in red, pink tassel keychain in a creative and colorful subscription box from The Oddball Club. Perfect for expressing your unique style and creativity.
  • Get your 90s nostalgia fix with The Oddball Club's subscription box! This month's box features a funky pair of socks, colorful scrunchie, adorable furby enamel pin, and iconic blockbuster magnet. Don't miss out on reliving the good old days with this awesome collection of throwback items.
  • Get creative with a Lisa Frank sticker book from The Oddball Club, featuring 600 stickers including fun and nostalgic 90s designs like rainbow tigers and peace signs.
  • Get ready for summer with The Oddball Club's subscription box! This box includes a summer squad greeting card with a retro line pattern, brown envelope, flower sticker, sun sticker that says 'choose joy', and a vintage yellow van air freshener with surf boards. Perfect for beach lovers and summer enthusiasts.
  • Experience the joys of summer with The Oddball Club's subscription box including sunglasses, chapstick, greeting card, and surf van air freshener.
  • A retro-themed stationery set featuring a VHS tape greeting card, tape-shaped washi tape, 'Not an Email' flat note card, pen, and envelope. Perfect for those who appreciate unique and quirky paper goods from Ratbone Skinny.
  • Fun poolside accessory: cherry hair clips on backing from Rat Bone Skinny
  • Get your '90s nostalgia fix with The Oddball Club subscription box! This month's box includes a trendy tan scrunchie, a stylish yin yang stretch necklace, a collectible Furby pin, a fun troll ring with yellow hair, all against a playful pink background. Join The Oddball Club today for unique and quirky finds!
  • A collection of items from The Oddball Club includes an instant poetry book, pink glasses, a laptop bag with a clear heart and pink straps, busy babe notebook, and gel pens.
  • Shop the Ratbone Skinny 90s-themed subscription box with funky socks, scrunchie, Furby enamel pin, and blockbuster magnet. Get nostalgic with these retro-inspired items and add some flair to your wardrobe or collection.
  • Get ready for summer with our subscription box! Includes sunglasses in a case, surf wax tin of chapstick, summer greeting card, and surf van air freshener. Perfect for beach lovers and surfers. Shop now on Ratbone Skinny and enjoy the sun in style!
  • Unleash your inner surfer with this summer subscription box including sunglasses, surf wax chapstick, greeting card, surf wax lip balm tin, orange peeler, stay cool sticker, and surf van air freshener.
  • Retro candy jar filled with classic treats such as Swedish Fish, Razzles, Bazooka, Zots, Lemon Heads, and Mambas. Perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth and reliving nostalgic memories. Great gift idea for candy lovers and anyone who loves retro snacks. Available now on The Oddball Club - your one-stop shop for all things sweet and nostalgic.
  • Shop the Oddball Club's subscription box for unique novelty items like these guitar earrings on a purple background, paired with Billie Eilish blue paper page flags. Perfect for music lovers and fashionistas alike.
  • Blank greeting card set with black outline and crayons on a white background - perfect for personalized messages and drawings - Perfect for DIY Crafts and Personalized Messages
  • Groovy Baby" graphic paper with instructions to scan QR code and access online zine - perfect for vintage and retro enthusiasts looking for unique content - The Oddball Club
  • Funky roller skate earrings, enamel pin with a teddy bear saying 'Fuck Off,' bubble gum cake bear girl stickers, yellow smiley face pop a point pencil, and 'Get Shit Done' notebook with holographic sticker and flower background, perfect for fans of retro and quirky accessories from The Oddball Club.
  • A positive body affirmation book with black and white star graphic on one page and a black and white cat on the other, next to a ballpoint pen and a spiral-bound white notebook with heart art cover labeled 'My Wellness Journal.' The perfect stationary for practicing body positivity and self-care.
  • Christmas-themed subscription box with scratch-off movie items art print, pumpkin tree holiday greeting card, Jack and Sally earrings and pencil set, Krampus candle, and decorative washi tape for DIY holiday crafts
  • 1970s-themed items including mushroom socks, peace pin, bold girl cat greeting card, flower headband, and nail stickers on a vintage-inspired background, perfect for any retro enthusiast.
  • An Oddball Club DIY-themed subscription box opened with purple tissue paper. Box contents include a greeting card with outlined items for coloring, a set of crayons, a set of watercolor art kit, lollipops, chick DIY craft, a pink banner, and a DIY alphabet pin.
  • Get ready to party like it's the '90s with The Oddball Club's subscription box! Unleash your nostalgia with a pair of funky socks, a unicorn art print, a videocassette-shaped greeting card, a ring pop in a green bag, a cute Furby enamel pin, a 'Totally Sweet 90s' book, and a Blockbuster magnet. Order now and relive the good old days!
  • A movie-themed subscription box open with film reel socks, movie art greeting card, TV pin, clip board keychain, and popcorn. Get your film fix with Oddball Club's curated selection of cinema-inspired accessories and collectibles.
  • Love-themed subscription box contents with red sparkle heart on white tissue paper - heart-shaped sunglasses, rose petal soap, heart-shaped candle, love potion bath bombs, heart-shaped silicone ice cube tray, and love-themed greeting card with roses.
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Unique, Quirky & Unusual Subscription Box | The Oddball Club

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September Theme: Spooky Box
Shipping around Sept. 17th

Introducing our unique and quirky subscription box, the perfect choice for those looking for something out of the ordinary! Our unusual subscription box is curated with an eclectic mix of handpicked items that are sure to surprise and delight. From one-of-a-kind art pieces to funky accessories, our curated subscription box has something for everyone. Each month, you'll receive a new selection of items that are thoughtfully chosen to fit the oddball spirit of our brand.

At The Oddball Club, we believe that being different is a good thing. That's why we've created a subscription box that celebrates the quirky and unusual. If you're tired of the same old subscription boxes, give ours a try and discover a world of surprises. Our unique subscription box is designed to bring joy and excitement to your doorstep every month. Don't settle for the ordinary, join The Oddball Club today!

  • Renews Automatically
  • Skip or Cancel Anytime
  • You will be auto-billed every month until you choose to cancel your subscription.
  • Canceling is easy)! Log into your ReCharge account at any time. Instructions in this blog post.

Questions? Check out the FAQ page here!



    • MICRO: $15 //  The micro box is our top seller filled with fun, small gifts, and big smiles!
    • MEDIUM: $31.50 // Our medium box is better in every way! You'll find the most variety from the monthly theme & the price allows us to truly support the female artists by buying larger items! 
  • For ?s, email:



  • USA: $8.50 on all boxes 
  • Canada: $22
  • Rest of the World: $24

  1. EFFORTLESSLY SHOP SMALL. The Oddball Club will aim to deliver small gifts that feature talented female makers and artists to you, or as a gift to someone you love! 
  2. SAVE TIME! Put your fun on autopilot. You will get cool gifts in each box. That means you save time & can finish that show you're binging on Netflix.
  3. AFFORDABLE. Starting at just $15 we make it affordable. 
  4. GIVE BACK. A portion of each purchase will be donated to Planned Parenthood, to support women and their right to reproductive health.

Still not convinced? our parent company is & some of the items fit the tone of the gifts section.

Still not convinced? our parent company is & some of the items fit the tone of the gifts section.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Patricia Ditomaso
The best sub box Ever

This box is amazing! Cute fun look forward tp it every month!Their customer service cant be beat Monica is right on it when something comes along alqays make up for shipping errors or issue.Odd ball box beat anyothers out there.Thank you Love it!

Best customer service EVER!!

Ratbone skinny really cares about the customer! My package was stuck in transit for weeks, and they shipped me a replacement item immediately with no hassle. Amazing customer service. Highly recommend!!

Stella Fiorenzoli
Very cute!

Loved the box overall! Definitely was magical :) was a bit bummed to receive multiples of the same gift (two boxes of the same nail polish, instead of some more variety). However very happy overall and looking forward to the next one!

Yesenia Portillo
Epic Odd and Yet Fantastic box!!!

I LOVED the oddball micro box! It was my first time trying it and I thought it was fantastic! A little surprise in every corner. Definitely loved this months vibe! California and it had me dreaming 🖤🖤🖤

Autumn Mueller

Absolutely loved receiving my subscription box! The items were all so nice and perfect for anyone who loves odds and ends. I ordered the California Dreaming box and I am so happy with it!