As we prepare for our move to Palm Desert,  I'd like to sit back and reflect on my 2016 & 17 booth and all its adorable quirks!
2016: The inflatable donut and neon signs brought that unique vibe that the rest of the convention was missing. 
2016 bonus:
CO-LAb art gallery featured our in-store pop-up! It was a dream come true to be next to so many fantastically talented artists! 
2017: NSS
We were all about surfing on that hologram backdrop!
2017 bonus:
Life is Beautiful. We had a pop-up booth at the music festival and it was such an amazing time. We got to see MGMT soundcheck and eat all the food we wanted at the food trucks. 
We had to skip a lot of opportunities since our social calendars were jammed packed as we prepared for our wedding! John and I tied the knot in October 13th 2018 and did all of the event design down to every last tea light, flower arrangement, program, invite and poster. All of the items were hand-picked and/ or designed by me! This was a very ratbone skinny wedding!
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