September Birthday Gift Guide!

 September birthday Gift Guide! 


 Gift the September Oddball Club "Seasons Creepings" box (starting at $10)! Give your friend/ loved one a fun surprise with the micro or medium box packed with festive goodies to delight and excite their inner ghoul! Single Halloween boxes can be gifted or bought without a subscription commitment by clicking here!

Gift the Virgo or Libra babe or dude a Birthday Fortune kit with their Chinese zodiac and a fortune fish.  A double bonus is it comes with a cute mini birthday card with a scratch-off fortune. Write a personal message and pop it in a gift bag!


 The gift that keeps on giving. Put em' in the mood for fall and have them grab a blanket, a PSL, and a coin to scratch off a classic scary movie with my "13 nights of Halloween" print. If you live far, do a movie-watching party and start it at the same time, texting while you go! There are 13 days, each with a different movie. How many classics can they watch? Grab a scratch-off Halloween movie print

Is your bestie's birthday in September? Buy two of the adorable and fun twinning emoji pins or snag the best bitches friend's keychain set. Both mean you give one and get to keep the other! 


Are they Headed to Disneyland? Gift them these Mikey Pumpkins earrings ($15) and instantly get them in the mood for that pumpkin beignet before hopping on the Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion!


Send a die-hard gift set: I am obsessed with The Horror Gang Bundle ($34.99). It includes the following goodies and is perfect for any horror fan.

  • 1 pair of scream dangle earrings
  • 1 horror movie V.H.S. night enamel pin
  • 3 horror movie stickers
  • (chosen at random)
  • 1 Overlook hotel keychain

Do they need a nostalgic pick me up? We have the Lisa Frank Sticker book, perfect for any babe who loves to plan, journal, or doodle. Loving the 90s trend going on and feel like they would too? Send a "Blast from the past" Oddball Club box jammed pack with nostalgia and fun! We still have a few left! 
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Don't forget the
Birthday Card!


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