the odd ball club


here at the oddball club, we believe in the power of self-care, indulging, and vintage, kitschy, handmade items! our crate includes an assortment of fun mail that will spark happy 90s memories or lead to an obsession with a new brand delivered right to your door and accommodating your busy life!

why the oddball club box?

  1.  🛍 EFFORTLESSLY SHOP SMALL. The Oddball Club will aim to deliver the best indie brands to you or as a gift to someone you love! Initially, you will be supporting Ratbone Skinny (a woman-owned small biz). With your help, we look forward to featuring many more women artists and businesses.

  2. SAVE TIME! Put your fun on autopilot. You will get a handmade greeting card in each box so you’ll always be ready for birthdays or holidays. That means you save time & are able to finish that show you're binging on Netflix.

  3. 💰 AFFORDABLE. We are priced better than other similar boxes so you CAN afford it. Our micro box is only $17.50, medium $32.49, & V.I.P. $92.02 a month in the USA including shipping*! That's 50% less than our competition and your box will always be worth double or more! *Canada: $22.50 mico, $37.49 medium, & $97.02 for v.i.p. *rest of the world micro $27.50, $42.49 medium, & v.i.p. $102.02 

  4. 🤲 GIVE BACK. For the July/August boxes a portion of each purchase will be donated to Planned Parenthood, to support women and their right to reproductive health.

Still not convinced? our parent company is & some of the items fit the tone of the gifts section.




women  businesses click here to apply for feature