2022 Oscars

Need Sunday Funday plans? It's that time again! Time to celebrate the best of the best of Hollywood glamor, glitz, and drama with the awards show everyone is talking about: the Oscars!

The awards ceremony co-hosts are Amy Schumer, Regina Hall, and Wanda Sykes. Like the last 5 of our relationship, my husband and celebrate by ordering food and filling out our ballots. I made a ballot you can print if you want to do the same thing with a party or solo just for fun! You can download it here or simply print the image below.

Oftentimes, my husband and I will make two votes on one ballot in different highlighter colors:

  1. For who we think will win
  2. and another for who we want to win. 

I loved Dune (did you know I've read all 3 books?) and of course PT Anderson's Licorice Pizza, but that doesn't always mean thats how the academy is going to vote. This way of voting is super fun because it lets us talk about our favorite movies of the year—and now and again my husband surprises me!

I also like to use the weeks leading up to the night as an excuse to watch any of the movies that I missed that might interest me or rewatch ones that I loved from the past year. 

Have fun ballot voting and have a fun 2022 Oscar night whether you're just into the fashion or all about the movies and acceptance speeches! 

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