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Q: What in the world is Ratbone Skinny Paper?

A: Glad you asked! Ratbone Skinny is a Los Angeles-based company that creates weird and witty greeting cards. All cards feature one-of-a-kind illustrations that are hand drawn and digitally printed on awesome paper. Ratbone Skinny designs cards that excite and offend--cards that the world needs most.


Q:What does "Ratbone Skinny" mean?

A: According to Monica Ditsworth, the woman behind the magic whose heart and soul appears on each and every card, "Ratbone Skinny is a conversation I had over beers and burritos with some college girlfriends about getting just skinny enough to fit into the new outfit I bought for an upcoming theme party. After that last beer, I worked my buns off and looked awesome at that party- so much so that my ex talked to me and his new hook-up was jealous. This translates to business perfectly because Ratbone Skinny is sort of a metaphor for me for working hard to obtain a goal that sounds lofty and out of reach. In the end not too much has changed from college. I still love burritos and I’ve replaced beer with wine or soy chai lattes and the lame goal of getting “skinny” with taking on the world with my greeting cards!"


Q: How can I order your greeting cards?

A: First, check out the catalogue & make your greeting card selections. Next, fill out an order form or email: ratboneskinny@gmail.com with order requests.


Q: What is your spirit animal?

A: Lazy house cat. Lounging in the sun, naps, eating and snuggles from a select few favorite people seem to be the best things in life.

A little bit about me? I am an illustrator, paper goods designer, and a fashion & pop culture lover living in Los Angeles. I established my handmade line of greeting cards in 2013. I love horror comic books/graphic novels, modern art galleries, mom and pop shops, independent coffee houses & any thrift or craft store. Most of my hand-illustrated inspiration comes from joking around with friends or dreams in the wee hours of the night when the rest of the world is sleeping.


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