Ratbone Skinny's Subscription box: The Oddball Club

The Oddball Club is a monthly subscription box with gifts curated by a monthly themes offered by Ratbone Skinny that delivers small and quirky gifts straight to your doorstep. It's perfect for those who love surprises and enjoy discovering new items not typically found in regular stores.

 You may be wondering what kind of items to expect in your box. The answer is simple: anything and everything! From unique trinkets like a dashboard duckie for your car, to accessories like an enamel pin, to fun stationary uniquely designed for each box, tp tasty treats, The Oddball Club promises to keep you on your toes. 

Each box contains fun gifts from small businesses, often female makers and artists, and the cherry on the top is that a portion of each purchase helps donate to Planned Parenthood. The service saves time and is affordable, making it's a fantastic option for those who want to shop or gift small.

If you think this is a good fit for you and want more info, keep reading! You'll be happy that the club offers two box sizes, micro for $15 and medium for $28, with flat-rate shipping of $7.50 in the USA. 

The Oddball Club's top-selling box size is the mico for a good reason! It's the perfect budget option for those looking for joy and fun! It's packed with just the right assortment of unique and exciting gifts. But what makes our micro box truly special is its affordability. We know that times are tough, and we believe everyone deserves a little pick-me-up, no matter their budget. That's why our micro box is priced just right, at $15 so you can get some joy without breaking the bank.

The medium subscription box size is better in every way! With a monthly theme that features the most variety, and at a price point that allows us to support female artists and small businesses by buying larger items, this is the subscription box you've been waiting for. Say hello to big smiles with my medium box.

One of the best things about The Oddball Club is its flexibility. The subscription renews automatically monthly, but you can skip or cancel anytime. If you decide to cancel, it's simple! Log into your ReCharge account and follow the blog post with instructions, linked here: https://www.ratboneskinny.com/blogs/news/how-to-cancel-your-oddball-club-subscription-box

If you have any questions about the subscription, be sure to check out the Frequentlt Asked Page for more information, linked here: https://www.ratboneskinny.com/pages/oddball-info .

But don't wait too long - it's time to get your party on and join The Oddball Club today!

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