Fall🍂oween 2022 Gift Guide

My mental health always improves when fall is around the corner. It's my favorite season. I got burnt out on the 116 degree heat wave days at the end of August here in the California desert. I start looking forward to change and I get excited to feel the cooler nights, wear my fave sweatpants,

watch the creepy new movies, and put out my halloween decorations. I channeled some of this energy into my Falloween drop, which is all about fun and celebrating the joys of cute and creepy. 


If you aren't there yet because it's still 90 degrees where you live, let me help you get in the fall spirit by setting the scene. The leaves are starting

to fall, it's getting a tad cooler outside, there are seasonal drinks popping up at your coffee shop, and you start to think

about costume parties or just snuggling up on the couch at home. 



First let's embrace the spooky side of things. I adore scary movies and have an entire list of Halloween favorites, starting with the classic: The Shining. How can you go wrong with a Stephen King adaptation of a snowed in family, several creepy ghosts, and a dad on the brink of a breakdown from isolation? The iconic scenes, music, carpet patterns, and characters really put me in that mood for horror

season. I love lighting a candle to set a scary mood and rewatching this one around this time of year too because it makes me appreciate that I don't live where it's going to snow and I love watching Shelly Duvall's performance. A final bonus is the late 70s fashion in this 1980s movie with the corduroy, overalls, and turtle neck shirts. What a freaking masterpiece. 

Let's start with gifting for others and consider some people might be missing a social gathering from getting COVID.

greeting card with florals and ghost that reads lift your spirits.
It's not going away and it's pretty exhausting to think about, but if someone you know is struggling with symptoms and has to skip that halloween party, send them a greeting card like
pumpkin sticker with the words wicked cutethis one (pictured on the right) with a fun sticker to help spark some phone or texting conversation and giggles. Keep them updated with a heartfelt message and some doodles and it will indeed lift their spirits and make them feel like they aren't forgotten. 


Finally, some people aren't that wild about saying goodbye to summer. If that's you, listen up! I struggled from seasonal depression when I lived in New York and the pacific northwest. Not getting the sun daily can be a

bummer and seasonal depression is real because your body just misses the freaking sun. I always loved getting pick me ups in the mail and the perfect thing to rely on is a 3 month subscription box that will cover all the fall Odbball Club themes starting at just $15! They are sure to put anyone in a good mood when they unbox the small gifts

past oddball club box packed with 90s nostalgic items like socks, magnet, scrunchies

and tend to brighten even the most dreary of days by injecting a bit of nostalgia, humor, or plain silliness.  

Finally, if you need a little bit of creep and roll (my stupid pun on rock and roll) or a fun Halloween party playlist, I curated one on Spotify. Feel free to plug in your speakers or stream from your smart TV on the Spotify app at your next costume party. It's got great hits like my personal fave I Can't Hardly Stand It By The Cramps and Partytime by 45 Grave. This one is a personal favorite because it's in one of my all time favorite zombie movies The Return of the Living Dead. I just love camp and horror and think this movie literally has it all including my fave scream queen Linnea Quigley. Check it out and listen right now.


And below I have a really cool coffee shop fall vibe playlist that puts me in the mood for rain, crunchy leaves, jackets, and boots. Stream that one below and brew up your own PSL latte, light a candle, and open the window to listen to the rain. It will really help you relax and maybe will even inspire you to be creative.  

I can't wait to get this Falloween party started. It will be on my couch in my new Ascot + Hart pant from target, but I plan of drinking lots of chai while listening to my fall ready playlist. And when the playlists end, Ill most likely be hanging with my cat and husband while we try to decide what scary movie to watch next! 

My coffee cups, pins, stickers, t-shirts, and even a few other oddities are sure to make your season a hit. Shop the entire collection here

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