It's Fall!

Get in the mood for fall with scary movies! Grab a snuggly blanket, a cider (hard cider or pumpkin beer work too!), and a coin to scratch off a classic scary movie with my "13 nights of Halloween" print. If you live far from a friend, send one to them too, and add this cute Blockbuster magnet. Then do a movie-watching party and start it at the same time, texting while you go! There are 13 days, each with a different movie. How many classics can they watch? Grab a scratch-off Halloween movie print

Did You Know...

Do you believe in ghosts or do you want to make a trip to go ghost hunting this fall? Snag these earrings or fun enamel pin and feel set to chat with some spirits, or just to get into the Samhain "spirit". 

Does real-life scare you more than any horror movie?  Are you a true crime nut like me and my husband? You should check out this super fun True Crime all the Time enamel pin or the True Crime Addict pin, it's perfect for anyone who just can't get enough of forensic files or Dateline.   

Disney bound this fall? Get these Mikey Pumpkins earrings ($15) or the sweet Minnie earrings and instantly be ready for the Boo! Bash! Planning to start to binge the Nightmare Before Christmas ASAP? Snag the Oggie Boogie or Jack and Sally Earrings and make it your fall theme.   


Horror Movie Fan? You probably are or know someone who just can't live without seeing that new scary movie. I am totally one of those people! Do you love Freddy Kruger and Pennywise the clown as much as I do? A fun addition to that pin collection is any of our horror fan enamel pins like this Sweet Dreams Freddy one. It's so colorful and fun and will pop if added to any backpack, purse, scarf, or jacket. You can also grab some fun Horror movie stickers and add them to your notebooks, makeup bag, or a greeting card to send some smiles. 

Send a die-hard gift set: I am obsessed with The Horror Gang Bundle ($34.99). It includes the following goodies and is perfect for any horror fan.

  • 1 pair of scream dangle earrings
  • 1 horror movie V.H.S. night enamel pin
  • 3 horror movie stickers
  • (chosen at random)
  • 1 Overlook hotel keychain
     Also, if you didn't get the memo it's officially candle season! I l love the soft lighting of a candle on a cool night when I am making dinner or watching Netflix. It really makes me feel like autumn has finally arrived. I hand-pour every single candle in the shop. Shop some of my fall faves like Bigfoot's Ear Wax, which smells like mystery, forest, and citrus. Or check out Midnight Munchies, which smells like a blueberry treat.    
 We still have "Seasons Creepings" boxes left (starting at $10)! Grab one for yourself or your friend! Single Halloween boxes can be gifted or bought without a subscription commitment by clicking here!

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