Lift Your Spirits!

Lift Your Spirits!

Halloween isn't just for kids. It's a holiday without the typical "holiday" baggage or obligations. There's no need to stress about finding gifts for anyone or going broke to get your boss the perfect Instagram-worthy gift. Halloween is about having fun with friends or family, doing low-pressure non-Pinterest crafts, and escaping reality with some scary, or not-so-scary Halloween-themed movies. 

We can help you fall in love with Halloween again. If you aren't familiar with our subscription boxes, we love kitschy and nostaligic things at The Oddball Club! The thumbprint activity book in the micro and medium "Season's Creepings" box is filled with stickers and graveyard scenes that are creepy and cute at the same time. Don't dismiss items in our box as "silly things just for kids". This activity booklet will get you in touch with your inner child, reduce stress with a no-brainer craft, and bring you some joy. We still have 18 Single Halloween boxes left, click here to buy one. 

Check out the Halloween playlist! Play it at your Halloween party or when you are trying a make-up tutorial at home just to hand out candy.

Fall is here and if you have been feeling a bit blue, you are not alone! Maybe it's because you aren't ready to say goodbye to summer or you just need a break. Let the Oddball Club come to the rescue with our October "Gorgeous Gourds" box. I am personally hand-pouring the cutest mini candles for every size box.
I don't know why, but mini things are always better. Speaking of, did you know that there is an entire museum in Tuscon Arizona called, The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures dedicated to, according to their website, "
more than 500 dollhouses and room boxes, with each one containing dozens if not hundreds of miniature objects". Take a peek at
Ara Bentley’s amazing Addams Family Mini Mansion in this video below.

Chase away the blues with my "13 nights of Halloween" print. All you need is to grab a coin to scratch off a classic scary movie, find it on a streaming app or rent it, throw the popcorn in the microwave, and get ready to escape! If you live far, do a movie-watching party and start the film at the same time, texting while you go! There are 13 days, each with a different movie. How many classics can they watch? Grab a scratch-off Halloween movie print.  

Get Halloween in a package with The Horror Gang Bundle ($34.99). It includes the following goodies and is perfect for any horror fan.

  • 1 pair of scream dangle earrings
  • 1 horror movie V.H.S. night enamel pin
  • 3 horror movie stickers
  • (chosen at random)
  • 1 Overlook hotel keychain

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