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Meet Jane. Jane is shopping the Ratbone Skinny website, and she falls in love with this adorable pumpkin bag. She scrolls down to read about the item and decides she wants the orange instead of the black purse. While clicking the color option drop-down, Jane notices this weird pastel icon below the black "ADD TO CART" button that says patience is needed. She is thinking, "What the fuck does this even mean?". Jane decides to email Ratbone Skinny for some clarification. An auto-response directs her to the Frequently asked questions where she reads up about the icon. Jane places her order and is excited to gift her goodies and wait on her bag. Be like Jane!

So what exactly does this icon mean? This icon indicates you are ordering from one of our partners. What does a partner mean for you and RBS (Ratbone Skinny)? Partners are international brands that I like and want to carry on the website but cannot afford to warehouse due to taxes and wholesale costs. However, I found a loophole where customers can place single international orders, and the partners can ship directly to them, skipping the excessive taxes and fees. This strategy allows me to work with these brands selling their goods to our customers while being the middle man. A behind-the-scenes sneak peek into these relationships means our partners mail and warehouse their goodies directly to you, but we get to list them on our website. It also means I can offer you cute international pieces that fit the Oddball and RBS lifestyle without having to warehouse it all myself. After all, there is only so much space in my guest bedroom, and these are products I can't live without and have to offer. The bottom line is more variety and better gifts from your favorite small business, but with just a little extra waiting time.

What about the shipping? When you order from a partner that is an international brand (all listed with the patience needed icon under the buy button), it takes a bit more time for them to process and ship. As noted in the picture, it usually takes them 1-2 days for processing and an additional 4-6 weeks for shipping overseas. Tracking arrives via email, and you can contact for any updates if you experience any issues, and I will be happy to update you. Please allow 1-2 days for a response and note I take Thursdays off to be with family. 

Why does it take so long? It's typically shipping international and crossing oceans to get to you. We know it's not Amazon fast, but it's totally worth the wait! I personally love waiting a bit longer on things I don't need ASAP because it's like gifting yourself something and sometimes it's a total surprise when it shows up because you aren't tracking it 24/7. 

What about multiple items in an order and a patience-needed item? So you want something that ships from our partners, but you also ordered a pin. Patience needed items ship separately and won't impact greeting cards, enamel pins, The Oddball Club boxes, some earrings, or any other item on the website that does not have the "patience needed" icon. In other words, any product that does not have that icon ships USPS first class (can be upgraded to Priority) and will usually arrive within 3-5 days after 1-3 days of processing your order. 

How do you know which items are "patience needed" when I order multiple items? When you place your order on, it creates a back-end notification only I can see with two separate fulfillment numbers. The "patience needed" item flags our partners to fulfill the product. I send the other goods in your order that are from our brand from California via first-class mail. Once all of the goodies are shipped, my website marks your order as fulfilled.  

Additional time may be needed beyond 4-6 weeks if there are clearance issues. I want to note that I make every effort to get your patience needed package to you ASAP. However, additional time beyond 4-6 weeks may occur due to invalid addresses and custom clearance issues. Always make sure you input the proper address and double triple-check before placing your order. If you have more questions about this or experience shipping issues with your package, contact me directly at

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