Shipping Lost?

If you are missing a package or it has not arrived, you can help me out by filing a report with USPS "missing mail" to help locate it.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to
  2. At the top bar click HELP
  3. Click "Find Missing Mail"
  4. Click Start Your Form
  5. Add your tracking info from Ratbone Skinny Email. 
  6. Under "Having an issue related to this tracking number?" Click Start
  7. Under "Based on your package's latest updates, we expect your package to arrive by August 22, 2023. Are you sure you still want to submit a Service Request?" Click YES
  8. Fill out forms: 
  • Special Services (select all that apply): 
    • CLICK  Registered Mail® 
    • CLICK Other
  • *Where was the item mailed from?
    • CLIICK Post Office
  • *Where was the item supposed to be delivered?
  • CLIICK RESIDENCE or what fits for your address you had your box sent to
  • Type of Mailpiece:
    • CLIICK Package
  • Do you know the contents of the mailpiece?
    • CLICK NO
    • CLICK Unknown
  • Dollar Value of Item Mailed
    • MEDIUM $30
    • Micro $15
  • Additional Information
    • Please write a note that item was shipped by seller and was never delivered on expected date or any information you have like it is missing etc. 
  • Contact Information: 

    • Enter Your Info

  •  *I would like a response by


  • CLICK Residential or Business based on your needs. Most will be residential

  •  Address: Add Your Address Here

  • Recipient Address: Add Your Address Here

  • Do you know the sender's address? CLICK YES

    •  CLICK YES

    • ENTER: 

      • 74801 Hovley Ln Ev PO Box 12011



      • 92255

      • The Oddball Club




  • CLICK SUBMIT. If you get an error, start over and it should work if you do it a bit quicker this time. 

By following these steps, USPS will help to locate your missing package. It is important to note that you should wait at least seven business days after submitting a missing mail search request before escalating the issue further. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact USPS customer service for assistance.

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