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Looking for a subscription box that's full of whimsy and nostalgia? Look no further than The Oddball Club! Our monthly subscription boxes are filled with unique and fun items that will have you feeling like a kid again.

Our past boxes have been a hit with subscribers, featuring everything from quirky desk accessories to nostalgic toys and games. And the best part? You can still snag some of these goodies for yourself! Check out our previous boxes and past items on our website and see what you've been missing. From vintage-inspired themes to playful stationery, there's something for everyone.

With our commitment to quality and attention to detail, The Oddball Club is the perfect subscription box for anyone who wants to add a touch of fun and whimsy to their everyday life. So why not give us a try? Sign up today and join the club!




Theme  Box Picture:
a pastel ranbow with clouds and the words make magic. A shoot star in colorful colors dots the i.
Image of playful pizza and burger with the words play with your food
image of sushi socks, pen, strawberry candles, and bread earrings on yellow background.
CA dreaming box picture on pink background with sunglasses, a ca licence plate pin, stickers, and treat keychain.
a sunday picnic themed box for the oddball club with tupperware filled with fruit, picnic bag, happy juice drink, ant party picks with fruit, picnic bag, sunny days ahead greeting card, and a picnic blanket rolled up.
An image of a March 2023 subscription box graphic with the theme 'I Love the 80s'. The graphic contains neon-colored items including a bottle of perfume, a tube of lipstick, a pair of high heels, a retro cell phone, and a gameboy. The background is decorated with a colorful 80s pattern.
An image with a vintage-looking cat wearing a bandana against a circular graph with a western theme, representing the February Western-themed subscription box from Ratbone Skinny and The Oddball Club.
Subscribe to our western-themed subscription box and receive a curated collection of items such as a cat enamel pin, dashboard duckie, cherry hand pie, boot and hat earrings, yeehaw card, lucky horseshoe necklace, and cow socks. Enjoy a taste of the Wild West every month!

An image of a blue round heart with the phrase 'All you need is love' in white writing. The heart is decorated with small hearts in pink and purple, and yellow stars on a pink background. This graphic is for the Oddball January love-themed subscription box.

Get ready to spread some love with this charming subscription box! It features a red beret, pink socks with heart patterns, a voodoo love card, a craft magnet, heart-shaped candies, and a hilarious frog enamel pin that reads "Look at my butt." Share the love and show off your unique sense of humor with these fun and quirky items.
Pastel blue, pink, and yellow stockings on a pink background with the words "stocking stuffers" for the holiday themed subscription box by the Oddball Club. Find unique and quirky gifts inside, Pastel blue, pink, and yellow stockings on a pink background with the words "stocking stuffers" for the holiday themed subscription box by the Oddball Club. Find unique and quirky gifts inside, Pastel blue, pink, and yellow stockings on a pink background with the words "stocking stuffers" for the holiday themed subscription box by the Oddball Club. Find unique and quirky gifts inside, like pins, greeting cards, and crafts
Get into the holiday spirit with the Oddball Club's festive box featuring a quirky collection of gifts. Included are a humorous Santa on a dinosaur greeting card, a pack of rich hot cocoa, a Krampus farts candle for a unique scent experience, cute Christmas mug earrings, a sparkling gingerbread lapel pin, and a scratch-off tree art print featuring weird Christmas movies. Perfect for anyone who loves humor and offbeat gifts.
Chocolatey Subscription Box featuring a chocolate milk box and chocolate-themed items such as chocolate candy, chocolate-scented pen, chocolate spoons, and more.
A subscription box with a chocolate theme featuring a variety of chocolate items, a chocolate scented pen, chocolate spoons for hot coffee or tea, chocolate bar shaped earrings, chocolate scented perfume, and chocolate themed socks.
A spooky graphic for our horror movie-themed subscription box featuring iconic characters like Dracula, reptile monster, Freddy Krueger, Jason mask, and a book that says 'horror' set against a dark and eerie background. Get ready to be scared with our collection of exclusive items. Order now and join the ultimate horror experience!
Get ready for a spooky adventure with the Oddball Club's horror movie-inspired subscription box! Unbox unique items such as shark socks, loofah, horror-themed candles, Bella and Bear bath salts, Beetlejuice notebook, dark humor card, flower nail wraps, and death moth handmade sticker. Perfect for horror enthusiasts and Halloween lovers. Order now for a thrilling experience!
Subscription box with ghost and flower background in neutral colors and pink, featuring items with a garden graveyard theme such as spooky candle, sheer daisy flower socks, luxurious hand lotion, and more. Get the perfect blend of eerie and elegant. Order now.
Subscription box featuring ghost greeting cards, mini candle, sheer daisy flower socks, and luxurious hand lotion on a beautiful floral background. Perfect blend of eerie and elegant for spooky spirits. Order now.
Neon pink background with a delicious taco loaded with toppings for Taco Tuesday subscription box theme.
Subscription box theme for Taco Tuesday with products like a mini taco coin purse, avocado pitter, "To" and "From" stickers for gifts in a fiesta theme, fiesta dip mix, avocado press-on nails, and colorful ball earrings could be: "Get ready for Taco Tuesday with our subscription box filled with festive goodies! Enjoy a mini taco coin purse, avocado pitter, fiesta-themed gift stickers, dip mix, avocado press-on nails, and colorful ball earrings. All set against a fun and vibrant background. Order now for a fiesta you won't forget!
A graphic for a subscription box theme featuring a VHS tape that says 'Movies and Chill' on a retro background. This box is perfect for movie lovers and includes items such as popcorn, movie snacks, cozy socks, a classic movie poster, a fun trivia game, and more.
Subscription box theme for movie lovers with a white background featuring popcorn, movie art card, clapper keychain, 3D popcorn glasses socks, and a bookmark. Enjoy your favorite movies with these themed items. Order now to enhance your movie-watching experience
Get your caffeine fix with our Coffee + Donuts subscription box! This graphic features a colorful rainbow background with illustrated images of donuts and coffee cups. Treat yourself to delicious coffee and donut-inspired items delivered straight to your door.
A graphic for a coffee and donuts themed subscription box with a pink donut patch featuring colorful sprinkles, a coffee and donut birthday card, a pocket latte chocolate bar, an "I donut care" keychain, a pack of Jelly Belly donut-flavored jelly beans, and a brown makeup blender.
A graphic for a subscription box with a retro 1970s vibe featuring the words 'groovy baby' in a wave line pattern. The background is a mix of bright colors and flowers reminiscent of the era.
Retro 1970s-themed subscription box with a tie-dye kit, mushroom socks, flower headband, snail incense holder, incense, retro candy, free spirit mushroom groovy sticker, white DIY scrunchie, and bold groovy retro cat card with flowers against a colorful background.
Get Creative" subscription box with a colorful watercolor rainbow background featuring a paintbrush, includes artistic supplies like watercolor paint set, sketchbook, paintbrushes, colored pencils, and canvas
Image of a subscription box with a DIY chick craft, scratch orange postcard, pin banner with favorite pin, watercolors, and DIY coloring greeting card. Get creative with this artsy box curated to inspire your inner artist.
An ombre yellow and maroon background with a colorful heart and the text 'Self Love' for a subscription box with items to promote self-care and self-love.
Empower yourself with positive self-talk and body acceptance with our body affirmation book. Improve your mental and physical health with daily affirmations and inspiring quotes, soap, and wellness journal on pink background.
Alt text: "Colorful graphic of a tiger in the center of a flower with the words "Go Get Em" in bold typography. This inspiring and playful image captures the spirit of adventure and determination, encouraging viewers to go after their goals with boldness and confidence. Perfect for use on motivational websites or social media posts, this image is sure to catch the eye and bring a smile to anyone's face.
Body positive subscription box with 'Reasons Your Body Rocks!' book, strawberry FRUTY alchemy labs soap bar, 'Keep Going' flower art greeting card, journal prompts card, and 'My Wellness Journal' spiral white notebook with heart art. Perfect for self-love and self-care routines. Boost your confidence and wellbeing with this subscription box.
Image of a stocking on an ombre red and green background with the words "stocking stuffer" written in white letters. Below the text, there is a statement that reads "no two boxes will be the same". This image promotes the Stocking Stuffer themed subscription box, which offers unique and personalized items that make great gifts for the holiday season. The ombre background creates a festive and cheerful atmosphere, while the white text stands out and draws attention to the message.
Alt text: "Collection of cute stickers featuring festive designs for the holiday season, a stocking stuffer themed subscription box filled with goodies, a whimsical unicorn pencil sharpener, a colorful magnet with a playful design, a fun greeting card perfect for sending warm wishes, candy treats to satisfy any sweet tooth, and a festive gingerbread pin to add to any outfit. This array of playful and charming items is perfect for spreading holiday cheer and bringing a smile to anyone's face.

📸: maui_noel 

Cozy Creative graphic featuring scissors, glue, and other DIY craft supplies on a vibrant pink and colorful background. This graphic promotes a cozy and creative atmosphere, perfect for crafting and expressing one's artistic side. The colorful background and assortment of craft supplies provide a visually appealing and inviting image, while the text "Cozy Creative" emphasizes the warm and welcoming nature of the brand.
Subscription box featuring a DIY zine kit and a DIY collage kit, a Ratbone Skinny zine, and a zine featuring multiple female artists. This unique and creative subscription box offers the perfect outlet for those interested in expressing their creativity and exploring their artistic side. The DIY zine kit and collage kit provide all the necessary materials and instructions for crafting personalized zines and collages, while the Ratbone Skinny zine and zine featuring multiple female artists offer inspiration and guidance for creating unique and meaningful works of art
Image of a pumpkin on a blue background with the words "Gorgeous Gourds". The pumpkin is positioned in the center of the image and is the main focus, with its bright orange color contrasting against the blue background. The text "Gorgeous Gourds" is written in a stylish font, adding a touch of elegance to the image.
Fall-themed subscription box with a pumpkin on a rustic background and an array of curated items. The box includes pumpkin spice tea, a black beanie, spicy pumpkin seed snacks, pumpkin kit-kat snacks, and a scented candle. The rustic background and pumpkin image evoke feelings of warmth and comfort associated with the fall season. The various items included in the box offer a diverse range of sensory experiences, including taste, scent, and touch. Use keywords such as "fall-themed subscription box

📸: maui_noel 
A pumpkin smiling and a ghost with a boo expression with a coffee floating on a pastel orange background with the words 'Seasons Creeping' in spooky lettering. This image represents a Halloween-themed subscription box and features curated items such as creepy decor, themed snacks, and other spooky surprises
image of a Halloween-themed subscription box from Ratbone Skinny's The Oddball Club with a black and white skull scarf, spooky nail wrap stickers, a fall bath potion packet, a creepy Seasons Creeping note card, a thumbprint sticker book, cute Boo Crew stickers, and a bat hair clip

📸: maui_noel 

Alien-themed subscription box with a smiling green alien on a black background, featuring curated items like water bottle, space-themed tattoos, and cosmic popsicle mold.
"Image of an alien-themed subscription box featuring glow in the dark tattoos, a star stamp and eyeliner duo pen, a space ship patch, alien stickers, a star-shaped popsicle mold, and a green water bottle. Perfect for sci-fi enthusiasts, this subscription box includes a variety of extraterrestrial items to inspire your creativity and add some fun to your life. With glow-in-the-dark tattoos, an eyeliner duo pen, and other space-themed accessories, this box is sure to transport you to another world. Get your hands on this unique subscription box and show off your love for all things out of this world!
Get your 90s nostalgia fix with The Oddball Club's subscription box! This month's box features a funky pair of socks, colorful scrunchie, adorable furby enamel pin, and iconic blockbuster magnet. Don't miss out on reliving the good old days with this awesome collection of throwback items.
Unleash your inner surfer with this summer subscription box including sunglasses, surf wax chapstick, greeting card, surf wax lip balm tin, orange peeler, stay cool sticker, and surf van air freshener.


Positive Magic graphic with pastel colors and a retro vibe featuring a unicorn and flowers.

Retro summer camp graphic with colorful striped background and playful bubble lettering in blue spelling out 'Summer Camp' with illustrations of trees and a tent. This image represents the July 2020 theme for the Oddball Club subscription box. 

A micro box from 2020 from the Oddball Club with a wood background. The box contains a printed summer camp zine, a sticker sheet with camping stickers, Oddball pins, a Cerissa Lopez art in a DIY wood magnet frame, a positive affirmation card deck, a unique tree temporary tattoo, and camp critter bird and snake sticky notes. The items are displayed on a bunk bed.

Hello Sunshine and Oddball Club graphic with yellow sun background, featuring illustrations of beer, watermelon, flamingo, and umbrella drinks. Perfect for summer, this graphic is bright and cheerful, sure to bring a smile to your face! 

A medium-sized subscription box from Oddball Club with a neon pink and green flat lay background. The box contains flower sunglasses, hand lotion, watermelon face mask, flamingo drink holder, pop rocks, tajin, slushy greeting card, bookmark, reading review, and 'what's up player' greeting card. The box is perfect for playful summer and self-care lovers.



A unique subscription box full of super cute things meant to make you smile, feel good, and create memories every month.