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In Charge Bundle

In Charge Bundle

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Need a few gifts for yourself or someone special this holiday? This in charge set has some neat items perfect for that gal that's always working or studying. This set includes

-a great computer, laptop, or school bag. It holds so much and the colors are so cute, it will make you grind your teeth!

- An Affirmation journal filled with helpful prompts to help you brain dump some of those hard to deal with emotions.

- a "Hot or Not" Fred mug that activates with a hot drink

- A lady boss notebook filled with lined or online pages for quickly jotted notes. and a pop a point pencil

- A set of colored fine point gel pens to scribble those notes.

- A coffee or tea mug USB warmer.

- A little notepad for meetings.

- A Instant Poetry Book to help you clear your mind on a stressful day.

- A pair of blue light glasses, with the case, and lens wipe

- A eyeglass neck chain to hold your blue light glasses when you're on the run.

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