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Health Companion Journal: Your Ultimate Medical Organizer

Health Companion Journal: Your Ultimate Medical Organizer

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Created out of necessity as a chronic illness sufferer, The Health Companion Journal is your ultimate tool for doctors' appointments, symptom tracking, period monitoring, medication management, medical provider lists, and medical history recording. Stay organized and take control of your health effortlessly.

Sections include:
Doctors' Appointment Notes: Arrive and leave the doctors office with notes like your questions, concerns, and symptoms you discussed.

Track Symptoms: Easily document and note symptoms for your doctor visits.

Period Tracker: Never forget that dreaded "first day of your last period" question as you have an area for tracking.

Medication Notes: Stay on top of medications with organized lists of dosage, and frequency for the nurse who asks you for the 30th time.

Medical Provider List: Store contact information for your medical providers for easy access and communication.

Medical History Recording: Keep a record of past illnesses, surgeries, etc.

and more!

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